“From the dive bars, poetry clubs and squats of London, we have wandered this vast land in search of a place to rest our weary bones and heavy hearts. Margate called and we answered – a seaside town heralding great artistic and musical heritage alongside decadent and crumbling facades of a once popular resort.

With its golden sunsets and chalky shores, it is here that we built The Albion Rooms – a guest house that embodies the gritty and the glamorous and is open to all. An engine for art and artistry that will inspire you to create. Come in – relax, write, record and explore a living art space that compels you to indulge in whatever whims take your fancy.”

The Libertines

What’s Going On


Spend the night in one of our seven uniquely designed rooms.


Enjoy stunning sea views and decadent drinks in our Arcady Lounge or head to our basement bar The Waste Land for live music and more debaucherous antics.


Come, make music in the Albion Rooms’ high spec studio.

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